Icon Commissions

The icon is first and foremost a prayer, and an icon commission is a grace for the one making the commission, as well as for the iconographer.  My work is within the Byzantine tradition of iconography, and I work in egg tempera.

The questions below offer basic information about an icon commission.  Please use the contact form on the right to inquire about the possibility of an icon commission for you.

My current commissions include an 18 in. by 24 in. panel of the Mother of God of the Sign and a 9 in. by 12 in. panel of the Pantocrator.

What is an icon?
An icon is a sacred image whose creation follows the tradition of the Orthodox Church.  Christians from many traditions have been experiencing an increasing interest in and call to prayer and worship with icons.

Who is an iconographer?
An iconographer is a person who writes icons for individuals, families, communities, and churches.

What is a commission?
A commission is an agreement and contract between an iconographer and a person who would like an icon.  The payment to the iconographer provides her with the time, space, and materials with which to write an icon.

The person commissioning an icon from Sister Hilda receives:

The completed icon

Regular updates about the progress on his or her icon

A piece of writing by Sister Hilda on the spirituality of the icon

The opportunity to support the life and ministries of Queen of Angels Monastery

Through the decision-makin process and regular updates, an introduction to the spirituality, theology, and technique of the icon

An opportunity for spiritual ecumenism: spiritual ecumenism is a willingness to find spiritual nourishment in the traditions of other Christians, in this case in iconography and the Orthodox Church.  It is also a way of prayer for the unity of all Christians.

Decisions the person commissioning an icon make include:

The subject or figure of the icon, guided by the current or growing edge of Sister Hilda's abilities within iconography

The size of the panel

Whether or not to include the use of gold leaf

The placement of the icon, which may be a place of worship, the home, the workplace, or anywhere a person would like to pray with Christ and his saints.