Triumphal Arches and the Arch of Titus

The triumphal arch is an example of Roman commemorative architecture.  The arch marked the victory of an emperor or general and his passage into a city at the head of the army.  A triumphal arch differs from the arches in a city wall used by the populace.

The Arch of Titus commemorates the capture of Jerusalem by Titus in 70-71 A.D.  The figures project out from the relief and contain a large menorah, symbolizing the Roman victory.

The Arch of Titus with the Coliseum - CC-BY SA 3.0

The Arch of Titus - CC-BY SA 3.0

Detail of the spoils of the temple of Jerusalem - Credit: A. Hunter Wright - CC-BY SA 3.0

Detail of the Arch of Titus - CC-BY SA 3.0

Information for this post has been drawn from the fourth edition of Art Across Time (public library) by Laurie Schneider Adams.