Two Small Mosaics Featured at the Start of Art Class

by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

The first week of History of Art at Mount Angel Seminary includes a day focused on tools for reading a work of art or architecture.  Two of the three small mosaics in Annunciation, one of the main buildings of the seminary, are a part of the day's presentation.

The small mosaics, some of which are in progress, focus on the seven sacraments.  A large mosaic of the Annunciation is the primary artwork in the Annunciation.  The mosaics are based on icons written by Brother Claude Lane, OSB.

While the students in History of Art are learning about the primary works of art and architecture in the Western tradition, hopefully they will be better readers of the local art around the seminary and in their home communities as well.

One of the mosaics, which is dedicated to the Sacrament of Confirmation, depicts the appearance of Jesus to the disciples:

The second mosaic, which is dedicated to the sacrament of matrimony, depicts the wedding feast at Cana: