Three Works by Wassily Kandinsky

by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

A volume on the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky (public library) is included in the ArtBook series from DK Publishing.  This series offers an overview of the life and background of each artist, as well as their masterpieces annotated with more information about the techniques, theory, and history within each piece.

The ArtBook on Kandinsky includes annotations of In GrayAccent in Pink, and Sky Blue.  All three works are located in the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

In Gray (1919) contains "small forms" that "acquire a self-contained configuration within the overall composition" (73):

PD - Art

In Accent in Pink (1926), the circles "are of equal importance, because a circle's force lies not in its dimension, but simply in its existence" (103):

PD - Art

Sky Blue (1940) has no "symmetrical constraint" but is a "perfectly balanced composition, within which forms float in gentle suspension" (120).

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