Welcome to Incarnate Beauty

by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

Welcome to Incarnate Beauty, a resource for study and a place of reflection on the history, philosophy, and theology of the arts, particularly the visual arts and crafts.  Incarnate Beauty is curated by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB, an assistant professor of English Communications at Mount Angel Seminary, a Catholic seminary in St. Benedict, Oregon.

The work of Incarnate Beauty is grounded in four principles.  First, the experience of beauty is fundamental to our experience of God, and second, a reflection on beauty is fundamental to the formation of the clergy and lay ministers of the Church.

Third, while many have the opportunity for travel and direct experience of the most stunning pieces of art and architecture in the world, Incarnate Beauty is committed to taking advantage of all the opportunities to experience the visual arts in our local area, the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, and the readers of Incarnate Beauty are encouraged to do the same in their own communities. Fourth, this study and reflection honors the artistic and liturgical traditions of both the Church in the West and the Church in the East.

Incarnate Beauty will include but is not limited to several categories of posts:

  • Short introductions to major icons and works of art, architecture, and craft.
  • Brief descriptions of books, videos, websites, and other materials on the history, philosophy, and theology of art.
  • Annotated passages from readings in the history, philosophy, and theology of art.
  • Opportunities to experience the visual arts and crafts in our local area.
  • Reflections on the experience of the arts and learning and teaching about the arts.
Your comments and contributions are welcome, and you may follow us by email using the link to the right.  My thanks to Brother Lorenzo Conocido, OSB, for his help with setting up this blog, and to Austin Kleon for his encouragement to show our work.

May our incarnate Lord Jesus Christ bless this endeavor and all of our efforts to live the Gospel and glorify his name.

Christ from the Deesis mosaic in Hagia Sophia